Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rainy Days

I'm a lucky guy to have such a great family
It's been raining pretty steadily the past week and some of the teachers here seem to be affected by it.  Not that anyone has lashed out at each other, but it's their general demeanor.  It's almost as if it's a perpetual Monday.  After I finished eating lunch I went down stairs to the corner market and bought a coffee and a piece of chocolate.  I just sat underneath an umbrella and relaxed.  Just watching people and cars pass me by and listening to the eb and flow of the surging summer storm.  It reminded me of an early Sunday morning show on CBS.  I believe it was called, 'Sunday Mornings with Charles Koralt'.  At the end of every show there would be a peaceful scenary; a snow covered cabin with white fluttering smoke streaming from the chimney or a close up of an early spring creek full of snow melt.  I felt like I was watching that today and it made me smile.  As a kid I always wished I could've been at those picturesque places.  Today I was.

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  1. yes, you are lucky to have the family that you do. i think you took advantage of that family for a long time. i pray you now have my equivalent reverence for them.

    true, you may think that i shouldn't worry about our friendship, but why would i stop a life-long habit now??

    we had a (by allen standards) small fight/disagreement, and the next i know, my best friend since the day i was born disappeared on me. the one guy i thought knew me, or at least knew me better after just spending nearly 2 yrs living together, didn't keep contact, not even so much as a happy birthday text once over the 2 yrs of separation. never once did i get an inquiry into my health condition.

    when someone, who you think is that best friend, drops so quietly, violently & definitively like that... it does only one thing. it hurts.

    then that someone suddenly decides to plop a verbal blurb onto my blog. i read it & then contemplated it for some time before writing this.

    after all the hurt that happened THEN, and after all the querying, wondering, & returning feelings, i really only have one question in response to that blurb....

    WHY NOW??