Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Weather

     I phoned myself today and had a great conversation about tomorrow.

  Most Californians understand that they're spoiled in the winter months.  The mercury seldom drops below freezing.  There are periods of spring like conditions in the middle of January.  It can even trick the trees into an early bloom. 
  In most parts of California there is a reprieve from winter.  Not so much in Korea.  When the sun is out, the air still stings.  Gloves are a necessity, not just a comfort.  If you're caught outside for an extended period with uncovered ears... expect an ache.  Well insulated footwear is a must. (and something I should invest in.)
  These are no secrets to the multitudes of people who actually experience a true winter year after year.  Even myself, a native Californian, could grasp the idea of what a four month winter could feel like.  But now here I am in month number 3 and I'm ready for my reprieve.  And just think, this weather is mild compared to what friends of mine from Alaska, Colorado, and Ohio have to put up with.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Corner

  I stand at the corner.  The man flashes red.  The low dull rays of the winter sun do little to warm my face against the stinging winds.  I'm bombarded with crystalized water.  Every swirling seige impales my face.  Cars zoom by, their cargo protected from the chill for the time being.  Delivery boys on their scooters cut through the traffic, but the cold cuts through them.
  I stand at the corner.  The man still flashes red.  The mighty sun has lost this battle.  It can not excite the atoms.  The frigid grip of old man winter has slowed time itself.  Pain is emanated from the creeking and screeching of every turning vehicle.  Their brake pads sound brittle and controted.  Buses lumber along like aging old men.
  Red lights never use to be so cold when you were standing next to me.  Your body pressed against mine did what the sun tried in vain.  As much as I may have wanted time to stand still... as tight as winter squeezed... we couldn't stop the red man from flashing green.

Friday, January 14, 2011


  What is it about getting older?  I assume most people begin to reminisce about past achievements and failures and how they wish they could go back and change a thing here or there.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about that once in awhile.  But then it isn't very constructive second guessing your decisions and living in the past. Plus, I have a different bone to pick with getting older.
  Why can I not sleep in anymore?  Seriously!  What chemical in my brain decided to switch on within the last few months that has disabled my slumber mode?  Today for instance.  It's a Saturday morning, right around ten.  This would've been a perfect time to wake up after falling asleep around 1am. (Had to watch 6 episodes of the Inbetweeners!  Good show)
  But instead, I've been tossing and turning in my bed since 5:30am.  And the only reason I haven't gotten out of bed yet is because I have principles!  But now I'm just getting bored and I guess I need to get outside and make something of my weekend.  I can already hear my dad's voice, "Quit sleeping your life away!" 
  No chance in that happening.  I haven't been able to sleep my life away since I got here.  Maybe it's a gene from our prehistoric ancestors?  Something to do with survival?  At 32 I'd have been an elder statesman in my band of hairy, stone-tooled, hunch-backed relatives.  I would've needed the ability to wake up earlier then my younger counterparts in order to secure my food for the day.  That has to be it!
  "Quit sleeping your life away!"  That reminds me of another saying my dad had.  "Wake up and meet the sun half-way."  As a teenager, needing copious amounts of sleep, I would point-out to my dad, at 6am, that meeting the sun half way, could actually mean meeting the sun when it was halfway done with its day. Noon.  He didn't by it, but it made perfect sense to me.  I don't wanna sleep my life away or even meet the sun half way, but I would like the ability, again, to enjoy a few extra hours of sleep on a weekend. 
  I don't mind getting older.  If approached correctly, you'll actually mature and grow as a person and become less of an egocentric twat.  I just hope the change in personal and worldviews doesn't go hand in hand with hearing loss and bed wetting.