Tuesday, December 21, 2010


December has rushed by faster than a Brian Wilson four seam fastball (WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!)

*Yea, I'm still excited about that one!

Work is a continuous joy and so are my students.  Don't get me wrong... there are days that they drive me batty, but that's to be expected.  Work really doesn't feel so much like work.  I enjoy preparing my lessons... I enjoy helping my students develop a second language. I've said it before, but I know that teaching is what I need to do. Whether it's in Korea, the States, or anywhere else. 

My birthday came and went in a flash.  I spent it with a few friends.  We went to what we thought was going to be a huge German festival, but it turned out to be five tents, a skinny santa, some sausages, and hot wine.  Not even saurkraut?!  What kind of German festival is that?  I had half a mind to start a book burning party.  Ok, yes, that joke may be in bad taste...
Nonetheless it was a good time with friends huddled around a propane heater sharing a drink and a powdered sugar sprinkled waffle.

Thailand!  Christmas!  It's only three days away!  I'm looking forward to Bangkok and exploring the city, temples and local fare.  But my heart and mind are really set on Phuket and Naki Island!  Away from the hustle and bustle I will slip into a blissful state in which I will not want to return from.

December tried to sneak past me... but it didn't go unnoticed.  It's been an amazing month.  One that will be with me for the rest of my days.  The days and nights may be bitterly cold but the snow still melts underneath my every step.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Culmination

No matter how hard you try to remain unflappable and centered, a day will come along that just sort of pushes you around a bit.  I've had time to go through the day and think about this and that and I feel centered again.  My day began like any other day.  Walked to work, clocked in, and started preparing last minute items.

Within ten minutes of being at work I inadvertently upset one of my close friends.  Realizing my error I quickly apologized... but that feeling of disappointment in myself would hangover my head the rest of the day.

Twenty minutes later I was told I was to have a parent meeting with a concerned parent.  That had my mind racing about what the concerns were.  I began to question my teaching... was I doing a good job?  I pressed on.

The meeting went well and the conversation was very productive.  But I still didn't feel like I was doing a good job, although the director and immediate boss reassured me I was.  I guess everyone can have doubts from time to time... and I try to take those times as opportunities to better myself and focus new found energy on the task at hand.  But inturn it can be unwanted stress and distract my mind from clear thoughts.

After work I was able to unwind at the gym and focus on non-work related issues.  As I walked home I stopped by Kate's place to say hello to her and her friend Leslie.  In less than twenty minutes I was walking out the door feeling a meriad of emotions... Irritability, frustration, embarrassment, and pretty much down right foolishness.  What I thought was turning into an arguement was a total misunderstanding... And by the time Kate and I cleared the air on Skype I felt like the biggest shmuck in Korea.

It's funny, I tell myself all the time to think before I speak... choose my words and have meaning and purpose behind them... but it's inevitable... my mouth must like the taste of my foot.  Nothing terrible happened today.  No catostrophic event... I wasn't fired, wasn't even talked to sternly... it was just a parents meeting that I was nervous about...  I didn't get in a knockdown dragout fight with my friend, it was just a misunderstanding... 

Today was just a day that flicked me in the nose and said, "Pay attention!"
Message received.