Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Weather

     I phoned myself today and had a great conversation about tomorrow.

  Most Californians understand that they're spoiled in the winter months.  The mercury seldom drops below freezing.  There are periods of spring like conditions in the middle of January.  It can even trick the trees into an early bloom. 
  In most parts of California there is a reprieve from winter.  Not so much in Korea.  When the sun is out, the air still stings.  Gloves are a necessity, not just a comfort.  If you're caught outside for an extended period with uncovered ears... expect an ache.  Well insulated footwear is a must. (and something I should invest in.)
  These are no secrets to the multitudes of people who actually experience a true winter year after year.  Even myself, a native Californian, could grasp the idea of what a four month winter could feel like.  But now here I am in month number 3 and I'm ready for my reprieve.  And just think, this weather is mild compared to what friends of mine from Alaska, Colorado, and Ohio have to put up with.

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  1. I was recently in North Dakota, it was -9 when I left, God Bless California!