Monday, September 27, 2010

Old Ones Revisited

Pull You In

Hold it in, push it away, repress it, hide from it at all cost. The agony that seemed to affect my every move, coursing through my veins, making my blood itch. A dark abyss of loneliness, the empty promises of another day. Why are you back again? Why do you dance in front of me with your tantalizing lure? I know your tricks, the methods you use to capture and imprison my heart. It seems the more I fight you the harder you hit back. Like a heroin addict I hate you on the come down, but when the needles in my arm I never want your warm embrace to cease.
I want it to last this time. The fires from dried pine needles burns with an intense fiery passion. As exciting and dazzling it is to the eye, the body gains little comfort from it once it goes out. The cold creeps in and chills the words that are spoken in its absence. I want the steady burn of a well-stoked fire. Every new log rekindling our desires, our hopes and dreams of our future together. I can't hide from you, I'll relax my iron grip on my heart, I won't push you away, I'll pull you in.


True to form with elegance and grace
starlight floats down to caress her face
I follow her every move, just a pace away
Hoping to be apart of her beauty one day
Through the courtyard and garden she went
Down the steps and passed the pond
The moonlit night carried her on
There he waited in a carriage for two
He embraced his beauty and they rode
away in the midnight blue
It was hard to keep my emotions at bay
So without a word I walked away

Pull You In and Midnight by, Josh Niehues 12/22/08

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