Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day...

  It was a good night the other night.  Everyone came over for an informal dinner party.  Kate and I rocked the stuffed bell peppers!  Wild rice with sauteed yellow onions and mushrooms.  I marinated some pork and added it in... Dylan brought a pumpkin stir-fry which was stellar and Leanne hooked up some Pizza School!  Sammy locked down the dessert with melon popsiciles.  Azzurra provided ingredients and cookware.  It was a team effort!
  At the time of this transcription I was sitting outside a little coffee house in my neighborhood.
'A little Korean kid is playing hide'n'go seek with me through the window.  It doesn't matter were you're at, little kids are just cute... no mom, that doesn't mean I'm ready to have any... gotta find a vessel first.
  It's a perfect day... At any moment the ominus gray clouds could punish us with torrents of rain, but they hold back and let us enjoy the autumn day.'

It's quiet outside except for the continuous humming of traffic outside of my window... It has become that white noise that I hardly register anymore... like the dryer running at night... but then the buzzer goes off and it startles you... Similar to the blarring of the bus horns as they run red lights...

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