Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stayin' In...

Last night a few of use went to the college area of Seoul near Hongik University.  It was a good time filled with music, drinks, dancing and rubbing elbows with some locals.  Today, though I felt fine from the activities of the previous night, I was what you'd call a slug.  I left my apartment for about an hour to go on a walk... but other than that I've been inside fiddling around with some chores and the computer.  I'm now starting to get a little bit of cabin fever!  I would have to guess this maybe only the 2nd time since being in Korea that I vegged out all day... I mean I still woke up at 7:30am and here it is almost 6pm!  Aggghhh!  I guess sometimes the body and mind just don't need outside stimulus... sometimes they need to turn off and go on autopilot. 

I can't believe it's going to be November already!  It's moving so fast I need to really get organized and have a clear vision of what I'm doing next... Obviously it's been on my mind a lot... I've listened to advice from family and friends and I hear a reoccurring theme... Things will work themselves out... I believe that... but they will only work themselves out if I pursue that in which I want... Sometimes I don't think I'm as actively involved in my own life.  My attitude was one of, "Oh well... maybe next time"  "No big deal"  "Something will come along" and I see the laziness in that attitude now... I understand I can't control every aspect of my being... but I need to start controling those things in which I can.

Alright I gotta get out of this cave!

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