Monday, October 4, 2010


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They walk with their heads hung low. 
Their shoulders slump as their arms swing slowly to and fro. 
Defeat drips from their brow. 
 Feet soaked in a soup of blood and muddy water become numb to the cold, numb to the pain.
They shuffle through the dregs.  The torrents of rain add to their misery.
The eyes of the horsemen ever watchful underneath their worn leather calvary hats pierce through the souls of their captives.
If you could see into the eyes of these down trotten boys, you would see experience beyond their years.
A life raised in nature... a life apart from what some would call civilization.
But this latest experience... indescribable.
A blank spot, as if they tried to forget... needed to forget in order to retain their sanity.
They stared into the abyss and saw the purest darkness, the emptiness that accompanies a person when all is lost.
They stare at the ground moving like the walking dead...
Only one thought enters... Why?

by, Josh Niehues
Oct. 4th, 2010

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