Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whatever comes to mind

Today consisted of:
1.  Gym (almost got sick from overexcursion... but it kinda felt good)
2.  Shower
3. Laundry (throughout the day)
4. Lunch @ ButterFingers (Chive Waffle with sauteed onion, fried egg, and roasted cherry tomatoes!)
5. Grocery shopping @ EMART (yea, it's like a Wal-mart)
6. Looking for fresh Basil (A lot harder than it sounds... still haven't found any)
7. Drinking coffee w/ my friend Kate while reading (good local shop)
8. Relaxing at home (internet, watch a little Daily Show online, just chillin.)

Today was a good day!

Lesson 3:  Know what buttons you're clicking before doing so... (This happened on Thursday at work)
I was typing up my Fill in the Blank tests for the month.  I have four to type every month and I do them weeks in advance.  I like to be ahead of the game.  Well the word program I use at school is all in Korean, but the commands are the same.  So I typed up all four tests went to hit print and accidently shut the window instead.  Oh yes, of course I didn't save it!  Shit!  At least I left myself plenty of time to do it later...  but still that just makes me wat to punch something!  (I finished them on Friday... and I saved them)

Friday night was fun... Saturday morning was tough

The headache hurts less and less as the years go by... The Jameson and Guinness only compliment the symphony of the night.  They take their gracious exit when the sun rises, only to leave me with the blurry images of the night before.

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