Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I Miss...

  It doesn't get easier the longer I'm away but I wouldn't say it gets any worse either.  The longer I'm away from family and friends the more I think about the details of what makes me happy when I'm around them.

  Going for a ride with my dad... with no particular place to go.
  Talking with my mom... and disagreeing about politics.
  Punching my sister... not very hard.  Brotherly love.
  Stopping by Grandma's unexpectedly... just to visit.  And hoping she has some sweetbread.
  The Amaro's barn... no matter what kind of mood I was in I left with a smile and a helping of happiness.
  Throwing horseshoes with the boys... just wish they could beat me once in awhile.
  I miss the comradre of my friends.  I miss the ease of a summer night and the smell of fresh cut grass.  You're all never more than just a skype call away and it's always great to hear your voices.  I miss you.

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