Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Internet Woes...

Where Are You Internet?
The Saga of the LCI Network
By, Josh Niehues
I’m wondering why the internet here doesn’t start to work until 9am?  It seems to be a reoccurring pattern.  Last Thursday and Friday I was on this very computer around 8:30am and there was no connectivity.  Then by some miraculous act of God the internet blockage was parted like the Red Sea.  Now I sit here and wait for that holy number like a Mesoamerican Shaman waiting for the summer rains to decree his peoples crops will grow.  Will my crops grow or are my fields to lay fallow? 

Oh internet how I beseech you to do what you were designed to do… Hmmm… maybe PS ( our computer technician and all around go-to guy) has a secret switch that he flips in the morning releasing all that is the internet.  Should I pay homage to the mighty PS, for he is the one with the all knowing all encompassing knowledge? I had a piece of toast this morning for breakfast… was that an image of PS?  8:45am… no internet………………….

How will the children ever receive their report cards?  How will their parents ever be able to find out how they’re doing in class?  These are only a handful of questions that may never be answered.  8:49am… no internet.

8:55am the time approaches!

9:00am where is the miracle?

9:10am I have lost my faith! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! 

Day four of a saga that has only been chronicled for two days, but those two days tells the story just the same.  No internet.  Previous assumptions about a secret button and PS holding the key to our internet woes seems to be unfounded.  More than likely it’s either the North Koreans or the Chinese.  Perhaps a collaboration of both to hinder the children of South Korea from learning English?  Well, they obviously don’t think very highly of the teachers here.  The internet can be a great tool in adding diversity in instruction but it is not the only tool or the best.  So block my internet and make my life a little less convenient you rapscallions!  But I shall teach these children English and tell them not to buy anything made in China! 
*Internet came on at 9am! The Prophecy was fulfilled! 

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