Friday, June 24, 2011

The Grand Scale

He was staring at himself yet there was no mirror.  It wasn't an out of body experience. 
 He touched his own face for the reassurance. 
"Who are you?" he said to himself.
"I am you." replied the other.
Baffled, dumbfounded, struck utterly speechless.
"B... B... But how?"
"I am you the same way that you are me.  The same way that we are more than each other. 
 The same way that we are everything.  Everything is us, thus we are one.
We are inside a universe encapsulated inside an even larger universe inside an infinitly larger universe underneath the thumbnail of an unsuspecting woman.
You yourself have an infinite amount of universes hidden inside your being, each unaware of
the grand scale of things.

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